A case-study of multiple sites linked through SAML

A case-study of multiple sites linked through SAML

We recently created a platform that used 5 sub-sites in all. Three of them were developed using Laravel and 2 using wordpress. The idea was to make use of the ready components to speed up the development. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) based IdP was created and was integrated with the main portal and other sub-sites were made Sps (Service Providers). Sharing some benefits and limitations of the strategy. If you come across this post, these will help you decide on what path to take.


  • Fast development - many requirements are fulfilled using ready plugins/components.
  • Maintenance/upgrade of individual applications/sites is possible without affecting other parts of the portal.
  • Users, roles and functionality is separated.
  • Authentication source can be changed easily from say database to say Active Directory.


  • Code base is split in many different components/frameworks and any customization to code needs to be tracked carefully so that it is not lost in upgrades.
  • Look and feel of all sub sites needs to be worked on so that they look part of one family.