koha Training Videos (English)

koha Training Videos (English)


koha library automation software has provided an effective mechanism to conduct acquisition in a modern way. In this video, we will see how to work in an Acquisition Module in Koha. It is a very simple and time-saving process. First, we have to define the budget and allocate the fund. This is very important because without this your acquisition module may not function properly.

Cataloging - Part I

Being a librarian, it is our duty to maintain the record of books and other reading materials which should be easily available to our users. For that, we do cataloging. You can notice here, that when we open the cataloging page, it shows us two tabs. First tabs i.e (new record) which shows you different frameworks or templates such as default, book, journal, theses, etc. We can select appropriate template to start cataloguing.

Cataloging - Part II

After cataloguing if you want to update any information in biblio record like title or publication details , you need to go to edit record to update. If you want to update any information related to the item table like price,date of purchase ,accession number or item type, you need to go to Edit item.

Serial Management

Periodicals/Journals or serials are one of the important elements in the library managing subscription, receiving the issues, maintaining the record, renewing the subscription, etc is now easier with koha. The ‘Serials’ module in Koha is used for keeping track of journals, newspapers and other items that come on a regular schedule. In this video, we will see how to manage the serials in koha.

Circulation Module

After creating the records of books and users, our next step is to carry out the issue and return of library items . The circulation module not only helps in check in and Check out but also in renewing items , generating fine, receiving fine, Checking the checkout history of users, etc. Circulation can either be done from the text box or search box on the home page or from the circulation module.

Tools Module

Koha software provides various tools and techniques relating to Patrons, Circulation, Catalog and some other entities. In this video we will learn to generate barcode and spine label, how to set the calendar and display news with the help of tools.

koha Administration

For smooth functioning of koha, it is important to set up basic parameters in it In this video we will see how to create the library, its item types, patron categories etc. and also in defining the circulation rules of the library. In the administration module you will find basic parameters. parameters are very important for setting up koha as per library policy.


Welcome to the online catalogue of the library. It contains all the information sources available in the libraries This is the home page of the catalogue. It gives you the links to e-resources which are subscribed by the library. Also, news, important notices published by the librarians can be visible to you through this.